Company INFRACERT d.o.o. (a representative office of INFRACERT TSI based in Warsaw) was founded in 2017 and has a business office in Zagreb, at Zaharova 7, 10000 Zagreb.

It is registered for the provision of railway services, primarily for the certification of railway infrastructure subsystems in the process of assessing their conformity with the TSI and national rules.

INFRACERT has the status of a Designated Body (DeBo) authorized for the conformity assessment of the subsystem with the national rules for structural subsystems: 'Energy', 'Trackside Control-Command and Signalling', 'On-Board Control-Command and Signalling' and 'Rolling Stock', issued by the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure.

A short COMPANY PRESENTATION can be found on LinkedIn platform of Ph.D. Milivoj Mandić, Business Development Director. 

The parent company INFRACERT TSI sp. z.o.o. has been accredited as Notified Body (NoBo) under Directive 2008/57/EU on the interoperability of the rail system in the European Union and also as Designated body (DeBo) and it's registered in NANDO base under the ordinal number 2738.

INFRACERT TSI sp. z.o.o. is accredited as an Inspection Body no. AC 20, by the Polish Accreditation Center, in accordance with Regulation (EC) no. 765/2008 with all subsequent amendments. INFRACERT TSI sp. z.o.o. is also an authorized representative of the Swedish company VANAHEIM AB which is accredited as NoBo no. 1807 according to the standards EN ISO / IEC 17020, EN ISO / IEC 17021 and EN ISO / IEC 17065. VANAHEIM AB has an established management system within its Inspection Body, according to the previously listed standards.

Companies jointly have a longstanding experience in development of NoBo / DeBo conformity assessment procedures, and so far they've conducted nearly 1,000 NoBo / DeBo procedures in Europe, of which 20% refers to DeBo certification procedures.


The parent company INFRACERT TSI sp. zo.o. has available over 50 staffed technical experts available for each project. Other key technical experts, as well as the main appraiser and other necessary experts, will be recruited later when concluding a business contract. We will try to bring together the best rail sector experts in the Republic of Croatia and the region for reviewing and evaluating each of the infrastructure subsystems. For partners we have the largest construction companies in the rail sector across the EU.


Our vision is try to apply the many years of experience and expertise of INFRACERT TSI to the full application of the interoperability of the rail system in the Republic of Croatia and in the region. Knowing the importance of railways in the overall traffic system, we will fully support the application of the technical specifications for interoperability (TSIs) adopted in accordance with European Union (EU) 2016/797 of 11 May 2016 on the EU rail system interoperability. We want future new railway lines in the region to be first and foremost safe for traffic where the latest technology is applied. The satisfaction and trust of our future clients, above all the consortium of contractors, the construction of new and modernization of existing railway lines, and designers represent the greatest value and challenge for us.


Our goal is become a reliable and professional partner to the consortium representatives for reconstruction projects and construction / electrification of new railway lines in the Republic of Croatia and the region for the implementation of the subsystem conformity assessment procedure according to the Technical Interoperability Specifications (TSI) - NoBo and the National Technical Rules - DeBo for the all Infrastructure subsystems.


Our previous achievements are the results of a clear business vision, continuous professional training and professional technical staff. To our users we offer exclusively professional technical support for consulting and certification services.

For the above reasons, we believe that we are a reliable and professional choice for the EC verification of conformity with Technical Specifications for Interoperability and procedure of verification of conformity with National Rules, and that our joint cooperation can significantly improve interoperability of railway infrastructure in Croatia and beyond.